About Us

We Are NaturPower Health

NaturPower Health is a natural ingredients specialist providing an exclusive and consistent source of organic products for manufacturers, further processors, and end-users across the planet. As a reputable supplier, distributor and manufacturer of high-value plant-based ingredients, our goal is to creatively unlock the healing powers of mother nature. We offer the finest natural spices, compound additives, essential oils, protein powders, and functional nutrients extracted from Rosemary, Pumpkin seeds, Hemp seeds, and Sunflower seeds. Our ingredients are used by major manufacturers in the production of nutritional and dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, and pet care products. Through innovative manufacturing technologies, superior quality, and competitive pricing, we always provide our customers with unlimited solutions and opportunities.

Leading supplier of organic certified ingredients

At NaturPower Health, quality is the foundation to everything we do. Our plants and raw materials are directly harvested from organic farms that draw on natural resources with abundant warm sunlight, pure mountain water, and the strictest quality control processes.  We are extremely proud of our GFSI and ISO certified manufacturing facilities producing ingredients. Utilizing advanced CO2 supercritical extraction technology, we guarantee unique, safe and easy-to-use products that are ideal for most applications.  Through heavy investments in research and development, our experts are constantly fine-tuning and developing new products that pinpoint current and future consumer needs.